Rules of the Game

  1. Games are self-refereed, so be honest! The Executive will have final say if disputes arise (but we know they won't).
  2. Please arrive early so you have enough time to get ready; games will start promptly at scheduled times. Players are asked to bring a black and white shirt to each game. Refer to the schedule to confirm which colour you are for the week; the background colour behind your name is your team colour that week and it will change at random every week along with your game time and team mates.
  3. Players must wear court shoes (not street shoes or soccer cleats) that do not mark the floor, and must wear shin pads. There are no exceptions.
  4. Removable jewellery must be removed; piercings must be taped.
  5. No aggressive play. This includes, but is not limited to charging, checking, slide tackling and verbal abuse. At the Executive's discretion, a player may be removed from the game for aggressive play. If a pattern of aggressive play emerges, a player may be removed from the league.
  6. Substitutions are made on the fly. Substitutions are self-managed, and teams are to ensure fair game time for all players.
  7. Goalies are optional, but not allowed to use hands.
  8. Goals cannot be made until the kicker has passed centre.
  9. For a goal to count, the ball must hit the bench squarely on the face. Balls hitting the top or side edges of the bench will not count as a goal.
  10. Kicking off the wall is allowed.
  11. No offside rules.
  12. No high kicks.
  13. No handballs — the ball will be returned to the location of the handball and given to the opposing team as a free kick. These are indirect.
  14. No high balls — balls kicked above shoulder height will be returned to the location kicked and given to the opposing team for as a free kick. These are indirect.
  15. If the ball is kicked out of the gym, possession is given to the to other team at that location just inside the court as free kick. These are indirect.
  16. Five players per team on the court during gameplay. If a team is short players at the start of game time, a representative of the Executive may use their discretion to rebalance teams with players from the league.
  17. Players may only play outside of their scheduled game slot at the discretion of a representative of the Executive.
  18. The league enforces an attendance policy to ensure a fun experience for everyone in the league. Players that miss more than the allowed absences established at the beginning of the season may be asked to relinquish their spot to make way for players on the waiting list.
Have fun!