Your Executive

Executive Director / Commissioner

Shawn Banerd

I've been in the league for 7 seasons and just can't get enough. It has provided for me a way to stay active, a wonderful community of lovely people, and so many great friends. Every chance I get I recommend the league, and am so happy to be a part of it.

This will be my third season on the exec, the first two as the Director of Communications. I've really enjoyed being a part of the executive team running the league, it's given me a newfound appreciation for everyone who has and continues to contribute each year ensuring its success. I'm excited for the upcoming season and look forward to many more good times.

- Shawn

Director, Communications

Anthony Gitto

Anthony joined DST in 2015 after searching for an LGBTQ+ soccer league. He was instantly impressed by how the league was run, the camaraderie amongst players, and the focus on inclusion, which creates a diverse, safe space for soccer enthusiasts to play! Heading into his 4th season, Anthony is thrilled to be on the executive team and is committed to upholding the league’s excellence and reputation. As director of communications, you can expect timely and informative updates from him, and prompt replies to your email!

Mortgage banker by day, and Group Fitness Instructor by early morning and evening, Anthony enjoys interacting with people and helping them achieve their goals. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and recording music with his band AP3, and vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.

Director, Finance

Scott Plume

Director of Finance, Scott Plume, is returning to DST for a 6th year. This will also be the 5th year that Scott has volunteered as our Director of Finance. When Scott isn’t balancing the budget, or harassing the executive committee about their spending, he is busy studying Construction Management (B.Tech) at George Brown College, learning to play hockey as a member of the Toronto Gay Hockey Association, or back home in rural Ontario working for the family businesses.

“As a member of DST, I have had the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people through sport, something I wouldn’t have thought possible 6 years ago. I am a shy, unskilled player, but DST provides a friendly, recreational environment to meet other people of all skill levels for some fun, exercise, and to learn to play the game. I know that many of the relationships I have made through DST will be lifelong. I encourage everyone to get more involved in the league, because when you do, you get so much more out of it!"


Director, Information Management

Sebastian Skupek

Sebastien has been playing soccer since he was young. Joining DST was the first thing he did when he moved to Toronto, and 2018 will be his 5th season with the league. By day, he's an investment manager at an American investment bank.

On the 2018 Exec he hopes to grow the awareness of the league in the LGBTQA community. Sebastien appreciates how positive and welcoming the DST community has been for him – and he hopes to extend this experience to new and current members!

Director, Events

Thom Stoneman

This is Thom's 4th year in DST, and he is excited to be a part of this year's exec. Thom has been playing soccer since he was a wee lad when he would sit on the field and make dandelion wreaths instead of caring about where the ball was. Since then, Thom seems to have not progressed much at his soccer skills, but loves planning fabulous events surrounding the sport.

Thom works as a theatre educator, and is passionate about integrating social justice into everything he teaches. Thom is thankful for the amazingly supportive community DST is, and very lucky to have met the amazing people involved. Thom's interests include mockery, event planning, petting dogs, and butts.

Director, Equity / Ombudsperson

Alex Mason

I joined DST over 12 years ago, when the league had just 8 teams. I wanted to learn the game while immersing myself in a community that shared my values and ethics, and gave me a space to grow. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to play with a group of outstanding individuals, sat on the first events committee, and have seen the league through many positive changes.

As the new Director Equity/Ombudsperson, I am very fortunate and elated to bring my lived experiences to this role. As a volunteer ambassador and advocate for the LGBTQII+ community, I want to apply my skills and passions to ensure that DST is the most inclusive organization possible. I firmly believe that diversity is strength, and will work to bring my knowledge to DST members, sponsors, and allies with respect to exciting and important diversity initiatives. We live in an ever-growing and changing world, and our organization needs to use diversity to make sure we reflect the community in which we live, to do our part to make our communities more inclusive.

Besides volunteering in many capacities within my community and at work, I enjoy training for the 2018 Gay Games (Track and Field), fencing, running, and knitting!

Director, League Operations

Thom Dancer

Thom has played soccer since he was a lad of 5 (you'd think he'd be better by now!).  He joined DST soon after moving to Toronto for faculty position at U of T in 2015 and just finished his second year in the league. He is very excited and proud to join the executive as the Director of Operations and brings a wide range of experience as player, executive, and captain in various leagues from around the States (Maryland, DC, Wisconsin, and Ohio). 

As a member of the executive, he hopes to mostly just keep things running smoothly, to continue to develop the "skills clinics" introduced in 2017, and to think about new ways to serve the needs of DST community.  When not reading, marking papers, or playing soccer, Thom enjoys sailing, watching (bad) movies, hanging with his cats, and mixing up a tasty cocktail.  

Director, Membership

Carlos Anton

I joined DST 10 years ago. For me, it was an opportunity to play a sport I had never tried before and in a non threatening environment. It turned out to be a wonderful decision. The enjoyment I have experienced on the field pales in comparison to the people I have met and the relationships that I've forged while in the league.

With my experience in other sports leagues in the gay community, a few years ago I helped revamp the DST new player evaluation process with other league members Avery, Karl, and Dave. This gave me a glimpse into the amount of work and commitment that the executive puts forth every year to maintain the positive environment the league has become over the years.

I look forward to working with the executive team and league members to make the 2018 season a successful and enjoyable one. I am very excited and proud to have the opportunity to give back to a league that has given so much to me.